Gold Squares

Money in the Earthly Realm


Perfectly flat, square currency created for ease of banking by the dwarves.


Gold coins are heavy, difficult to transport, and make banking difficult. So, the dwarf wizards of ages past created gold squares as a method of solving all three problems.

Each gold square is lighter than the hundred gold coins it contains within its magic-forged interior, and is only as big as a dwarf palm.

Because they are perfect rectangles, gold squares are easy to store in the average chest, and easily fit in most vaults.

And, as for banking, counterfeit gold squares are impossible to create. They can only be made using a hundred gold coins, if they can be made at all.

Gold squares cannot be cut or divided in any way, but it is common to call fifty gold a half-square and twenty-five gold a quarter square.

Square, bank-gold, wafer=100 gold or a gold square
This represents a week’s wages for a city laborer, or what a noble is expected to spend on his suit of clothes.

Half-square=50 gold
It is about a day’s earnings for a craftsman, or a week’s worth of food.

Quarter-square=25 gold
Few would call this much gold, but it is this amount that the nobility of most human cities expects in a month’s taxes.

Gold Squares

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